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Please not that this site is currently inactive. For a more active site, click HERE.



Blog Cleanup Activated and Monthly Poll

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Hi Guys! Cooper here! Time for our new Monthly Poll! This month’s question: Who is your favorite CP Superhero?

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Also, certain widgets will be de-activated so there’ll be more room for stuff. And that’s about it! Questions, Comments, & Concerns are to be posted below!


Monthly Polls, Cleanup, and Cooper Tv

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Hi. Cooper here.  As said in the previous post, I will be cleaning up the website between now and some time in September. Also, a new monthly poll will come out the first Saturday of each month(exception on August). Cooper TV Studios is also working on the last two episodes of  Cooper Tv, as well as the completion of other projects. If you are a blog worker, please report to the staff page and read further. Any questions, comments, concerns, etc, can be posted below.


Chief Editor, Manager, CEO and founder of Cooper Tv Studios, CEO and founder of 4000 productions, and founder of Club Penguin Cheats 4000

Blog Cleanup and more

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Hi! Cooper Here. Glad to see Goey back.  I’ve decided it’s time to do a bit of a cleanup here. I dont know what, but expect changes. Also, Cooper TV will be having its two closing episodes soon. Now, I decided that in order to get more people back on the site, I will be working on ads and stuff on Youtube.  Now, I also want to do a quick little poll. (Yes, it IS on the 4000 Poll page)

This is not the last you will see of me for a while though. Remember, I go on CP daily, mostly on Snow Plow, and I will usually be at the Coffee shop, Iceberg, Pizza Parlor, or Sport Shop. And i wish Lakerone was back.

Goey45…..has returned!

November 10, 2009 at 10:57 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 3 Comments

SD6 here. I was on my chat, just chatting with 6 other people. When all of a sudden, someone named Goey45 went on. I thought it was either Cooper, Duckles, Lakerone, Jeffh, or Mr Trinj imposting him since I hadn’t seen him since Penguin Play Awards. But he went on his account Goey45 on CP to prove it. He added me back and here is what he had to say…. (I had copied and pasted what he said :d)

“Sorry I hadn’t been on in so long. My Mom had a baby, so now I have a new baby sister. I have been having to help out with my parents real more often, so I couldn’t make it on CP.”

I asked him why he removed us all on CP though and his reply was…. “idk”

Many more questions will be answered when I talk to him later on tonight.

If you want to talk to your old pal, check the following chats below.


Sorry (and Cooper TV)

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Sorry for not posting. From now on I promise to post at least every other day. Also, for those of you who thought this was Samidog6’s other website you are WRONG. I, Coopersmadog, own this website. Just wanted to get the facts straight.

I also have a Cooper Tv update. Episodes 5-6 will be released on Dailymotion on Saturday October 10. I will also post a sneak peak for the COOPER TV STAR WARS Video.

Dog Days Party Bash!

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Dog Days Party Bash!

Date: October 12th 2009

Time:3:00 PM Penguin Standard Time Zone(6:00 EST)



Why:To Celebrate the Release of Diary of a Wimpy Kid:Dog Days

There will be a Certain outfit to wear, one that looks a lot like Greg Heffley (the main charecter in the book) but it will be published on a future date. This won’t be a party, this will be a DOG DAYS PARTY BASH! Here’s the deal, I will make FLYERS, and put them up on trees in my local park, telling people to be at this party bash! So this will be the BIGGEST party thrown by a normal person in Club Penguin History! Show up at the Dog Days Party Bash!


Dog Days Party Bash Invitation!

Ladybugmlr’s site!!!!!!!!!!

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Can some of you please go on my website? I have zero viewers! I really need some viewers! Here is the ling to my website:

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Hey Cooper, Are you at Disney World. BTW, Can you post on my site to make me look popular?

This has been a post by Ladybugmlr

Samidog6 makes a new club penguin cheat site!

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In January 2009, I deleted and wish i didn’t now. So, I have made a new CP Cheats site.Although, not part of wordpress, part of webs! Here is the link…

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